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We provide fixer services in Portugal and throughout Europe. Our fixers are fluent in English and Spanish. With a great production experience we will gladly help you to organize a production of any scale.

For a project of any scale - we can provide you all the required information on any location in Portugal. Up to date photos, sun path at a particular filming spot and any other information your DOP may need for filming in Portugal.

We will help you to rent camera equipment, sound, lights, broadcast equipment, dollies, cranes and drones in Lisbon.  We work throughout Portugal.

Looking for a cameraman, soundman, gaffer or a make up assistant in Lisbon? Penguin Decision works with talented and experienced Portugese crew members who will surely provide first class services.  

We can help you in organizing live broadcasts of different events in Portugal. Streaming from Lisbon conferences, concerts, meetings or performances. English speaking tech crew and flexibility with the tech setup. 

Our production company can help you in getting drone shots from any place in Portugal where flights are legally possible. Also we can get drone filming permits for your production.

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